The safest helmets on the market have been revealed

A range of bike and scooter helmets have been put under the microscope, receiving star ratings based on safety.

The new Helmet Safety Testing and Assessment Rating (STAR) issues one to five stars for new helmets, providing local bicycle riders and parents buying for their children a clear guide to the safest scooter, bike and skate helmet on the market.

The initiative comes after statistics revealed during the ten years from 2013 to 2022, there were an average of 794 crashes each year involving bicycle riders across the state.

61 helmets have been impact tested at the NSW Crashlab where Transport for NSW technicians conduct tests including vertical drops, strap strength testing and drop tests.

A $22 Bluey helmet for toddlers has been deemed the safest on the market in its category.

Maitland MP and Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Jenny Aitchison says, price alone doesn’t determine the safety of a helmet.

“We want people to have fun while cycling, scootering or skating, and know that their helmet provides the best crash protection they can afford.

“It’s important that safety rating information is available to people looking to purchase helmets, because the price of a helmet doesn’t relate to its safety,” she says.

“This is another way the NSW Government is finding ways to keep people safer on our roads, but we can’t do it alone. When you’re cycling or using a scooter or skateboard, always wear a helmet – it could save your life.”

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