Woman charged after emaciated horses found at Hunter Valley property

A woman has been convicted of animal cruelty in Singleton Local Court.

The RSPCA says the 41-year-old failed to provide proper and sufficient food for four emaciated horses in her care, as well as failing to provide them with veterinary treatment for multiple health conditions.

The woman came onto authorities radar following an inspection of a property in Putty which came off the back of reports concerning the welfare of the horses.

Upon examination by inspectors, concerns were raised for the four animals, however the owner was not home on the day of the visit.

They returned the following day with a veterinarian who confirmed the horses were severely underweight and were quickly taken away to be assessed and treated.

After failing to appear in court twice late last year, the woman was found guilty in her absence and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment to be served in the community, 200 hours of community service, banned from keeping animals for five years and ordered to pay $19,000 in costs.

All four horses remain in the care of RSPCA where they have continued to receive all necessary treatment and care.