Locals Urged To Keep Eyes Peeled For Entangled Whale Off Coast

                                     File image | ORRCA Vice-President Steve Trikoulis

Locals are being asked to keep a weather eye on the horizon around the coastline today for an entangled whale.

According to the Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia (ORRCA), the mammal was first spotted off Sydney’s Northern Beaches around 8.30am on Sunday and was trailing four yellow buoys.

At the time it was travelling north with a pod and was estimated to reach waters off Lake Macquarie this morning.

Based on the whales size, ORRCA believes it could be either an adult or sub-adult

It is currently unknown if the mammal is still travelling with its pod or whether it is now on its own.

Anyone who sees the whale off the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle or Port Stephens coast this afternoon is urged to contact ORRCA’s rescue hotline on 02 9415 333.

Spotters should confirm the whale it still trailing rope and buoys, record its location, distance from shore, and direction of travel.

Would-be rescuers are also warned not to approach entangled whales. Protection and exclusion zones apply, including 100m exclusion zone for drones.