Over 33 thousand Lake Macquarie motorists rewarded under State Government safe driving initiative

New data reveals more than 33 thousand motorists in Lake Macquarie have been rewarded with demerit point removals after the first 12-months of a NSW Government safe driving initiative.

The demerit return trial has been extended for a second year with data showing more than 1.2 million drivers qualified for the demerit point reward across the state.

33,815 people received a demit point wipe in Lake Macquarie however, the Central Coast was the biggest winner under the initiative, tallying almost 55 thousand people reaping rewards.

Every demerit point wiped from a licence under the trial is a result of a one year spotless record.

In a bid to promote safe driving the demerit point trial rewards good behaviour on NSW roads.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads and Maitland MP, Jenny Aitchison says,

“Many people in regional NSW depend on driving for their livelihood or just to get around and often do not have public transport options at all.

“The reward of a demerit point being removed will be meaningful to those people.

“This trial is unapologetically about encouraging safer driving and that’s exactly what we need in the regions where we have a third of the state’s population but more than two-thirds of all road fatalities.”