Newcastle boxer plans to “defend his kingdom”

Former Waratah High School student Darkon Dryden will be walking out into the boxing ring to “defend his kingdom” on October 8.

No Limit Boxing has announced some of the 20 bouts that will feature across a ten-hour boxing extravaganza at Newcastle Entertainment Centre in just over five weeks time including Dryden up against Nikita Tszyu.

Dryden, a 29-year-old builder from Mayfield is undefeated in his pro-boxing career so far and won his last four bouts by knockout.

He said not even a Tszyu can frighten him.

“I’m scared of no one, we’re bred different in Newcastle,” he said.

24-year-old Nikita, the son of hall of fame legend and champion boxer Kostya Tszyu and brother of Tim Tszyu won the last bout he fought in Newcastle and his two professional bouts before that.

“All the pressure is on him now, he’s got to back that up. I’m here to defend the kingdom,” said Dryden.

“I’ve got a few things I think I can catch him with and I’m sure he feels the same so we’ll see if we can land them on fight night.”

“I see some holes and hopefully I can find them on the night… you’ll have to wait to find out,” laughed Dryden.

Joe, Dryden’s dad who is also a former boxer has all confidence in his son.

“He’s undefeated as a pro, he’s never been beaten in his life,” he said.

Nikita’s management challenged Dryden to the fight on October 8, but it’s not the first time Nikita has heard of the Novocastrian fighter.

“I’ve known about him for quite some time now. I remember watching him on YouTube back in the day when he was throwing darts at his brother so I know the kind of character this guy is and watching him fight at the Hogan fight, I got to see who he is and what he’s capable of,”

“I don’t think its [he’s] intimidating,”

“The challenge he’ll bring will be a toughness. A toughness where he [Dryden] can throw powerful punches and they have damage to them, they have weight to them,” said Nikita.

“I just have to be smart, and I’ve got to not fight his fight and stick to my own game plan and really play with the fundamentals of the sport and go back to basics.”

Newcastle loves the Tszyu family and when Nikita and his brother Tim have both fought in the town previously the venue gets dubbed the “Tszycastle Entertainment Centre”.

“He’s a tough competitor. I haven’t seen him really cop a shot yet so I don’t know how strong his chin is but let him think its going to be a quick fight, let him think he’s going to stop me.”

Nikita isn’t worried that the homegrown fighter might get more support from the crowd this time around.

“I actually prefer to be more of an underdog and not fight in my home town. I’m honestly not a fan of fighting in Sydney and its always been like that. I love going out of my comfort zone and out of my little bubble so its going to be interesting to hear more support for him, but I live for this stuff.”

The Super Saturday Fight Festival is on October 8. More details: