Hunter flagged as offshore wind zone by federal government

An offshore wind zone is being proposed for the Hunter as part of Australia’s transition to renewable energy.

The plan to build a network of wind turbines in key areas off the country’s coast was unveiled today by the Federal Government with consultation in the region to be carried out in the next 18 months.

It comes just 24 hours after the federal government’s climate bill, seeing to legislate a 43 per cent emissions reduction target, passed the House of Representatives.

Climate Change Minister CHRIS BOWEN says the Hunter will be good for wind and wind will be good for the Hunter.

“Whether it be the Hunter or the Illawarra, these are areas that are undergoing very significant jobs changes and economic change.

“Offshore wind will create a lot of jobs. Offshore wind turbines need a lot of maintenance. They need ships to maintain them. They need ports to keep them operating,” Mr Bowen said.

A total of six locations, including the Hunter, have been flagged as possible locations, including in the Bass Straight off Gippsland and the Indian Ocean near Perth and Bunbury.

Mr Bowen says it’s estimated the Gippsland project would be enough to power 1.2 million homes in Victoria.

Image: Vattenfall.