Broke residents left to deal with pools of stagnant and polluted water

Flood-affected Broke residents are being put through new strains and stresses, according to the member for Hunter Dan Repacholi.

He says the NSW government, through the NSW Environment Protection Authority, have now put in place orders to stop residents from pumping the water out. Something residents had been doing for the last two weeks.

Residents are now being told they need to somehow secure the large pools of water and prevent anyone accessing them, particularly children.

Dan Repacholi said it’s an impossible task for the residents who have had their homes, yards, sheds, and animals destroyed by flood waters.

“Poor form by the Government,”

“I am following these issues up, so if you have one of these large pools of water and have not been able to drain it, please let me know.”

Residents have lashed out on social media saying its “bureaucracy gone mad” and said  “the longer it stands the worse it becomes”.

Others have pointed out that sinkholes are appearing all over the town, some the size of swimming pools and are filling up with pollution and sewerage.

Image: Dan Repacholi Facebook