NSW DPI ramping up beehive eradication again this week

Bees and hives infected with varroa mite and within the red eradication zones will start to be euthanised again this week.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries hit pause on their bee culling to gather more information on the varroa mite and its spread last week around the edges of the emergency zones to establish the current limits of infestation, but they’ll recommence euthanising beehives this week.

The varroa mite was initially detected on June 22 at the Port of Newcastle and since then 42 premises have been confirmed to have the mite.

The NSW DPI is urging beekeepers to not work or move your hives or tamper with the hive seal after the hive has been euthanised.

Beekeepers within eradication (red) emergency zones must stay up to date with the latest changes to emergency orders and comply with any current restrictions. Beekeepers will be contacted via SMS with urgent information.

Also over the weekend, a permit for registered beekeepers to transit through NSW to and from QLD has been announced.  Hives must be transported in a manner that prevents escape or entry of bees out of or into those hives.

Latest information can be found here as well as an up to date map: https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/emergencies/biosecurity/current-situation/varroa-mite-emergency-response