A music subscription costs you money each month.

At 1053 NEWFM, not only is the music we play free for you to listen to .. it now could pay you for listening!

From Monday our music is worth money.

Here’s how you play NEWFM’s $10,000 Cash Tracks.

At 8am The NOVOS will play our first Cash Track each day. At 4 every arvo, we will ask you to name all the Cash Tracks we’ve played across the day. They can play at any time between 8am and 4pm!

Each Cash Track you name correctly by TITLE and ARTIST will score you $105! Name all of them you very well may get a bonus as well as the cash!

The more Cash Tracks you name, the more money you’ll win.

Good Luck and remember .. ALL NEWFM’s winners are Novocastrians!