Emergency Crews Conduct Delicate Rescue At Greta

A man was lucky not to be crushed by an excavator at Greta earlier this week.

He was working with the heavy piece of industrial equipment at the back of a home in Guy Close on Tuesday afternoon, when it moved and pinned him to a retaining wall.

The man’s legs were trapped by the tracks and it took quite a bit of ingenuity by emergency crews to winch the excavator off him.

Crews from Branxton-Greta and Lambton Fire and Rescue NSW joined ambulance paramedics and the Rural Fire Service at the scene where they stabilised the patient in place.

They then used an off-duty firefighter’s four-wheel drive as an anchor point and carefully raised the posi track using two hand winches and the 4×4 winch.

Technical rescue experts and paramedics safely extricated the man and he was transferred to hospital by the Toll Air Ambulance.