Lake Mac Council will decide whether or not a 10-storey hospital development goes ahead at Gateshead

Lake Macquarie Council’s standing committee will tonight decide whether or not to allow a huge hospital development to go ahead at Gateshead.

The owners of Lake Macquarie Private Hospital, Ramsay Health, has a $120 million State Significant Development Application sitting with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for a 10-storey development.

It includes three inpatient theatres, three day surgery theatres, 10 consultation rooms, more than 70 additional beds and extra car parking.

For it to go ahead, Council needs to approve the height of the building.

The expansion is expected to provide 189 new ongoing jobs being 169 new staff roles (for example, nurses, allied health, administration and support staff) and 20 new medical specialist roles (for example, doctors, surgeons, anaesthetist and other specialists).

The construction of the hospital expansion is also expected to create an additional 800-1000 direct and in-direct jobs during the construction period.