Newcastle Airport soon to be the gateway to the world

Political leaders will focus on the Hunter Valley today with Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese both in the region.

The Deputy Prime Minister has announced a $55 million to make Newcastle Airport an international hub. It builds on the $66 million already announced to upgrade the runway and now the terminal will be upgraded and expanded.

The upgrade will bring economic benefits to the entire Hunter region as it will create more than 4,400 jobs and generate $12.7 billion in economic activity.

The additional funding announced today is part of the Federal Government’s $7.1 billion Energy Security and Regional Development Plan.

Barnaby Joyce, also the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development said the Hunter deserves to get some of the money back it feeds into the country through coal exports.

“As we put commodities on boats and send them out to earn money, we are also bringing people in and that in itself creates wealth,”

“Making Newcastle Airport an international gateway to the world will further enhance the Hunter’s capacity as a regional powerhouse that drives the development of our nation and makes us as strong as possible as quickly as possible.”

Airport CEO Dr Peter Cock said the terminal upgrade was the final piece of the puzzle towards global connectivity.

“This upgrade is essential to process the long-haul aircraft, which can carry close to 400 passengers – this is an entirely different scale to our domestic fleet, which is closer to 180 passengers.”

“I also want to thank our key regional partners, who have been consistent and persistent in their advocacy efforts, and everyone across our region who has assisted our advocacy,”

“The Hunter Joint Organisation has been key, and their coordination of our recent Hunter Global Summit was exemplary.”

“We know there is plenty of work ahead, but we’re confident we’ll be connecting to a significant Asian hub by 2024. This will present opportunities that are difficult to quantify,” said Dr Peter Cock.

“Of course the new terminal will offer convenience for travellers from our catchment who want to fly internationally. But more importantly, it will drive huge, sustainable economic benefits throughout the region through inbound tourism, and freight related industries, including import and export.”

While in Cessnock announcing the area would get one of Labor’s flagship medicare urgent care clinics this morning, Labor Leader Anthony Albanese said his party would match the funding the Federal Government is putting up for Newcastle Airport.