Helping Bel from Nelson Bay Find Her Groovin the Moo Mystery Man

This morning, The NOVOS spoke to Bel, who is trying to reunite with somebody from Groovin the Moo back in 2019.
He was in group of young lads, getting a bit rowdy during the Hilltop Hoods set. He was having a great time, jumping up and down, but kept accidentally hitting her in the boob – which he profusely apologised for each time.
Well, if it wasn’t for that young lad, she may have never discovered she in fact had Stage 4 breast cancer, which is unfortunately, incurable. Without his accidental intervention, Bel wouldn’t have known and would have only had 2-3 months left to live.
She wants to reunite with him, to say thank you.
All she really recalls of him, was that he was a blonde surfy type, with shaggy hair.
Listen to our chat with her to get the full story:

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