Hundreds Nabbed For Drink Driving On Hunter Roads Over Festive Season

A man is due to face court in February, after ending 2021 in back of a paddy wagon.

At about 8pm on December 30, the 26 year old driver was pulled over by police on Donald Street at Hamilton.

He was given a roadside breath test and returned a positive result.

Officers then arrested him and took him back to Newcastle Police Station where he allegedly blew 0.08

The man has been charged with a mid-range drink driving offence as well as for getting behind the wheel on a suspended license.

The 26 year old will face Newcastle Local Court next month.

He was one of hundreds of people caught out by Police for doing the wrong thing on Hunter roads over Christmas and New Years.

A road safety blitz in Northern Region running from Christmas Eve to midnight on Monday, January 3 recorded:

  • 120 Restraint Infringements
  • 71 Mobile Phone Infringements
  • 2,617 Speed Infringements
  • 48,363 Breath Tests
  • 200 PCA Charges

While there were 144 major crashes reported over the festive season, there were no fatalities and only 48 people injured.