Plans unveiled for a wind farm off the Hunter’s coast

A wind farm could take shape on the horizon of the Hunter’s coastline, with plans unveiled for a 1.4 gigawatt floating wind farm.

Spanish Firm BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate have pulled the curtain on its plans to construct the Hunter farm as part of a wider network, with others to be built off the Wollongong and Gipsland, Victoria coastlines. It’s hoped the projects will develop around 4.3 gigawatts of wind power.

The project is currently in its feasibility phase of development where the pros and cons will be assessed, before it moves to development and consenting.

If construction goes ahead, BlueFloat Energy says it will support the revitalisation of the Hunter region as it transitions from coal-fired power and will supply exisiting large energy users such as Tomago Aluminium Smelter and emerging green hydrogen industries.

CEO Carlos Martin says Offshore wind energy is booming globally and now it is Australia’s time.

We are excited by the prospect of introducing the two types of offshore wind technology into Australia, as this will enable us to harness some of the best offshore wind resources globally.

The combination of world-class wind resources, the transition from fossil fuels, and suitable maritime conditions is an ideal platform for large-scale energy infrastructure projects being built close to load sources.

As experts in offshore wind development with strong technical knowledge, Bluefloat Energy are excited about what can be achieved here in Australia,” Mr Martin said.