Woman, Police Officers Assaulted In Edgeworth Domestic Violence Attack

Two officers have been injured during the arrest of a man after an alleged domestic violence assault in the Lake Macquarie area yesterday.

Officers attached to Lake Macquarie Police District were called to a home on Orlong Close at Edgeworth, about 11am, in relation to the alleged assault of a pregnant 27-year-old woman.

On arrival, officers found the woman had suffered facial bruising and arrested a 26-year-old man in the backyard.

As the two male senior constables moved him towards the police truck, a struggle allegedly ensued resulting in one officer suffering a dislocated right shoulder and injuries to his right hand, lower back and groin.

The second officer was then allegedly kicked three times in the face, suffering swelling and bruising as well as injuries to his right hand and elbow.

The man was taken to Toronto Police Station where he has been charged with 17 offences,
• Common assault (six counts)
• Assault occasioning actual bodily harm (DV) (two counts)
• Assault officer in execution of duty (two counts)
• Assault police officer in execution of duty cause actual bodily harm (two counts)
• Resist police (three counts)
• Stalk/intimidate intend fear physical harm
• Destroy or damage property.

He’s been refused bail to appear in Newcastle Bail Court today.

The first officer was taken by ambulance to the John Hunter Hospital where he was treated and underwent further tests, while the second was initially treated at the police station and continues to receive medical treatment. Both officers are now at home but are currently unfit for duty.