Minor flooding in the Upper Hunter

A minor flood warning has been issued in the Upper Hunter by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Moderate rainfall across the Hunter River catchment over the weekend has caused rapid river level rises along the Hunter River and its tributaries.

The river at Kingdon Ponds is likely to peak near 3.40 metres at 8am with minor flooding.

What the SES are expecting:

Across the Upper Hunter low lying rural properties and roads may be affected. At Scone and surrounding areas:

  • Possible isolation of Satur due to road closures
  • Main Merriwa to Scone road may close
  • Inundation of low lying properties at Satur including Liverpool Aubins, Wignen, Kingdon, Mount, Susan, Aberdeen, Middlebrook, Hill and Parker Streets
  • Turanville Road may close

At Aberdeen and surrounding areas:

  •  Localised flooding may inundate properties in the Blairmore Lane area
  • Rouchel road may close affecting access to Glenbawn Dam and outlying rural properties

At Muswellbrook and surrounding areas:

  •  Issue Equipment and Livestock warning

What the SES is advising you do:

  • Do not drive, ride or walk through flood water
  • Farmers on low lying land close to rivers and creeks are urged to monitor livestock, pumps and other equipment. Waste and chemical containers should be located well above predicted flood levels.
  • Residents of low lying areas near the river should keep an active watch on the flood waters.
  • Keep in contact with your neighbours.
  • Consider impacts of possible road closures on work, family and educational commitments
  •  Monitoring emergency warnings and severe weather updates on local ABC radio, NSW SES Hunter Facebook Page and Bureau of Meteorology website
  • If you live in a low-lying area and are advised by an emergency services officer to evacuate, please do so

Image credit: Scone SES Facebook page