Port Stephens Council reminding locals not to sell weeds online…

There’s no space here for weeds, that’s the message from Port Stephens Council to locals.

An individual has been fined $1,000 for selling Pampas Grass.

Council’s Natural Systems Leader Rean Lourens said their focus continues to be on the illegal sale of plants, flowers and foliage that put NSW at risk.

“We know that the natural environment is highly valued by the Port Stephens community and protecting this environment is a key priority for Council,” Rean Lourens said.

“We’ve seen a recent spike in the sale of priority weeds online in Port Stephens through Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and Trading Post.”

“These weeds can really harm our local environment; they can clog waterways, overrun our native plants and reduce biodiversity.”

“Then there’s the impact on agriculture and natural landscapes. Weeds also pose a risk to human health and can impact recreation like fishing, boating, camping and bushwalking – which are all popular activities in Port Stephens,” he added.

Mr Lourens says there’s a simple way to check if a plant is ok to sell.

“Before you sell a plant, check the NSW WeedWise website or simply contact Council – our team are very happy to help you protect Port Stephens from weeds.

“We know people are trying to make some extra cash but it’s important to make sure you’re not selling prohibited plants,” he said.

“And remember, there’s no space for weeds in Port Stephens so if you see someone selling prohibited weeds online please report it to Council,” he added.