STOCKTON BEACH: Sand Sources Found for Dredging Works

A dredging operation off the Gold Coast. Image: City of Newcastle.

A geological survey has identified three sources of sand suitable to replenish the heavily eroded Stockton Beach.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro has confirmed the survey identified offshore dredging sources in Stockton Bight, north of the Pinnacles Reef and close to the entrance of Newcastle Harbour.

“These results follow a six-week exploration program carried out earlier this year and information about the options will be provided to the City of Newcastle Council to consider its next steps to improve the beach.”

Council will need to apply for a mining licence to conduct the dredging work, which is otherwise illegal in NSW.

The state government has also offered further assistance should additional investigations be necessary.

The news has been welcomed by Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp, who wasn’t surprised suitable sand would be found locally.

“While it always seemed likely that the appropriate sand would be on our doorstep, not all sand is created equal and analysis was required to ensure that replacement sand was appropriate so it would not quickly wash off the beach.”

The MP has thanked the community for their patience, as well as the Deputy Premier for his ongoing support in restoring the beach.

“When I approached Mr Barilaro last year and asked for his help he told me that he would come through with the goods and today he has,”

“I am extremely grateful for his offer to assist with finances and resources to enable offshore nourishment of Stockton Beach to proceed.”

If the offshore nourishment program proves successful at Stockton, the same technology could be used elsewhere.