Naughty Children

Parents may find it incredibly frustrating to manage a child’s naughty behaviour. But sometimes it is the behaviour of the parents themselves that bring about a child’s naughty behaviour.

The NOVOS – Jade, Matty and Krivo discuss naughty children.


According to there are a few simple guidelines to help you handle your naughty child. Here are a few tips for handling naughty kids:

1. Fix Limits

Don’t accept everything that your child says. Set due limits and don’t put the responsibility of deciding what they need and doesn’t need entirely on the child. Be firm but gentle if he/she throws tantrums, then tell the child they won’t just get what they want with such behaviour.

2. Be Consistent

Don’t treat your children differently every day. If one day you are firm with your kid not allowing to watch TV for long and the next day you let them watch all they want just because you are busy and quiet, it sends out a very mixed message to your child. Be consistent in setting and following rules.

3. Give Some Independence

Don’t dictate every last thing what your child should do. Give a little independence with regards to choosing clothes or deciding how they  would like to drink milk.

4. Reduce Screen Time

Watching cartoons constantly without any limitation will increase agitation in a kid, making them over-excited and prone to naughty behaviour. So set limits on how long your kid can watch TV or play games on the computer.

5. Define Consequences

Enlighten your child about the consequences of their naughty behaviour. Your child needs to know they will get into trouble if they displays throws tantrums. Tell them that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.

6. Stand Strong in the Face of a Tantrum

If your child has been crying continuously for long, you may be tempted to give in to demands feeling pity towards them. But don’t fulfil their demands as the time as it will only spoil your child. Your child will think that by crying or shouting they can get anything, so learn to ignore  cries.

7. Pay Attention

Sometimes children display naughty behaviour because they want your attention or feel that you are not paying enough attention to them. Learn to listen to your child calmly, ask why they are acting that way and what can you do to make it stop. Your child will respond well to your considerate behaviour.

8. Don’t Scream

Don’t lose your temper and shout back at your child, this is counter-productive as it will make them stop the tantrum for the time being, while learning to mimic you in the future.

9. Don’t Take Out Your Anger on Your Child

When you are in a bad mood, and your child is not behaving how you want, don’t take out your negative emotions on them. If you shout at your child when they are not at fault, your child will get angry at you and may misbehave. Stay calm and handle the situation with patience.

10. Set a Regular Routine

When your child has holidays from school, set a regular timetable. That will set laws to live by, and your child won’t feel compelled to misbehave as they will have a solid routine to follow. Set a fixed sleeping and eating routine.

Your own behaviour will be a mirror to your child’s behaviour, so make sure your behaviour is ideal for them to follow.