Producer Jackson explains to The NOVOS that his credit card has been scammed and only realised when he received a call from his bank after thousands of dollars was spent on WISH in the USA.

Take a listen here:


Scammers can target you online, by phone or by email. Know what to look for so you can spot a scam and protect yourself. Scammers don’t need your credit card to use it. They only need your card details.

Check your credit card statements regularly, especially if your card is lost or stolen. If you see something you don’t recognise, report it to your bank.

If you’ve been targeted by a scammer, report it to:

Banking and credit card scams
  • your bank or financial institution
Fraud and theft
  • your local police — call 131 444
Tax related scams
All scams

Call your bank quickly if a scammer gets access to your credit card, bank account or personal information. Your bank can freeze the account and may be able to reverse an unauthorised transaction.

If a scam has caused you problems with debt, talk to a financial counsellor. They can help you get your finances back on track.

If you’ve been scammed and need someone to talk to, contact:

You can get more info here