Major Clean-Up at Port Stephens After Container Spill

It’s all hands on deck at Port Stephens as debris from last week’s container spill continues to wash up on local beaches.

Around 83 shipping containers went overboard from the YM Efficiency on Friday, as huge swells pummeled the coastline.

Fingal Bay, Nelson Bay and Jimmy’s Beach seem to be the worst affected, with local volunteers turning out in force to help clean up the mess.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter, Scot MacDonald says it’s a ‘pretty large salvage operation’ and it could go on for a while yet, depending on the weather.

“We’re prepared for that and again with the help of councils, we’ll do our absolute level best to protect the environment.”

“But…I think it’s important for councils to know that we’re also there to support all their efforts.”

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority will seek payment from the ship owner to cover the costs of the clean-up.

The EPA is also planning to meet with affected councils, AMSA, and the RMS to make sure all waste is removed and its affect is minimal.