EXCLUSIVE: Animal Cruelty after Metford Party

A Metford resident has been left outraged after his dog was attacked following an out of control party in the area on Saturday night.

The Metford Community Hall has been vandalised after the party which was held in the hall, with a number of residents taking to the Maitland Neighbourhood watch page to report damage to nearby properties.

Resident Tom Pearson says he returned home to find his fence kicked in, and his staffy, ‘Sledge’, had been hit and kicked by some of the party-goers.

He says if it wasn’t for his neighbour intervening, things could’ve ended up a lot worse.

“My neighbour picked him up just before they could do any more damage to him, because they were kicking him and trying to get him away,” Mr Pearson said.

“They could’ve killed him or seriously injured him, or it could’ve gone the other way and my dog could’ve attacked someone.”

Maitland City Council and Police discussed the incident on Monday night.


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