ADVO’s now in plain english

Big changes are on the way for Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders, with perpetrators to no longer have any excuses when it comes to their obligations.

From 3 December, so called complex legal jargon will be removed with defendant’s obligations to be spelled out in plain English.

The move has been made in a direct effort to reduce the number of ADVO breaches, of which current statistics show 1 in 5 are broken.

The new ADVO will be translated into 29 different languages to assist people whose first language might not be English.

The changes coincide with White Ribbon Day and the Chief Executive Officer of White Ribbon Australia Libby Davies says “it’s a critical step to strengthen the safety of women”.

In addition the State Government has also announced final ADVO applications can be determined even if the victim doesn’t come to court, they will protect a victim’s partner if they’re being harassed by the victim’s ex-partner.