NEWFM and 2HD are looking for someone to join our team of Advertising Consultants.

What’s the job? There are more than 24,000 businesses in the local area and many of them would like to be doing better than they are at the moment. The role of our Advertising Consultants is to speak to those businesses to see whether they might be able to benefit from positive exposure to the audience of either of our radio stations.

What qualifications are needed? Integrity and intelligence are the main requirements. Maturity and world/life experience are also important. Plus a desire to learn more and grow, not just follow rules. Sales experience is not essential; in fact it could be a disadvantage – bad habits may already be too ingrained to shift. Full training will be provided in understanding how advertising really works (you’ll be very surprised – it’s not as simple as it seems).

Our standards and beliefs. What we don’t believe probably defines us better than what we do believe. We don’t believe in putting pressure on staff or on prospective clients; we’re also not in favour of manipulation, exaggeration, dishonesty (including simply misleading people) and short term money grabs. We believe in the “law of the farm,” integrity, authenticity and in helping people make fully informed decisions, even if that means choosing not to advertise with us. We have this approach because we think that it makes good business sense. We’d rather not plant land mines in the community by having clients who experience buyer’s remorse.

Our commitment to our Advertising Consultants. Every hour of the day, we’re all exposed to advertising in its various forms. So, it’s something that most people feel very familiar with and probably think they understand. But there are quite a few areas relating to advertising where people can go wrong – and have no idea that they’re going wrong. That’s what we focus on. We explain the ways in which many variables can influence an advertising campaign. Believe it or not, there’s a lot to learn. And experience will sharpen your learning. So, we’ll probably be more patient with you than you will be with yourself. You’ll want to see results quickly and expect a lot of yourself (if you’re motivated). But, if the effort is there and your understanding is growing, you’ll be given the time that you need to succeed.

What next? Click through for more details, including a full job description and pay details. Then, if you’d like to apply for the position, provide your resume plus a covering letter saying why you think you’d like this job and why you’d be suitable. This should be in your own words (i.e. not clichéd phrases copied from job seeker advice sites). This is an important part of differentiating you from other applicants. Quoting overused phrases (e.g. “works well in a team or as an individual“) doesn’t help me understand who you are or how well you communicate.